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Basic facts about the Russian phonetics that you should know

The accent

In the words consisting of two and more syllables, one syllable is distinguished with an accent.
Vowels under an accent are pronounced with the greater force and longitude. Vowels in unaccented syllables are reduced = pronounced more shortly and less tensely; vowels [o], [e] change their quality: o is pronounced as brief [a], e is pronounced as [i].

In an unaccented syllable:
o => [a]
e => [i]

(!) The accent in Russian can be on different syllables in different words and it can change its place in different forms of one word. (It is quite unpredictable.)

There are 42 sounds in Russian — 6 vowels and 36 consonants.

Hard and soft consonants

In Russian there are hard and soft consonants. This distinction is found between pairs of almost all consonants.

To pronounce soft consonants: move your tongue ahead so that the middle part of its back rises in the direction of the firm palate.

(!) Hard and soft consonants are indicated by the same letters. On writing the
softness of consonants is indicated by the following letters.
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