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ypoku_pycckoro's Journal

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Уроки русского
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Русский язык как иностранный, Russian as a foreign language
This community is dedicated to Russian as a foreign language. Here you will be able to find information on the aspects of the language that may happen to be difficult and take part in different activities to improve your Russian.
You will find no system here, no levels, it's like a mosaic. I hope that everyone will be able to find something useful here.

The languages of the community are Russian and English.

I also hope that you will take an active part in discussions & activities and leave your feedback, because these are the things that inspire me and make the community better and much more interesting & motivating.

If you join the community, it would be interesting for us to know what you think about Russia. Do not hesitate to comment on it.

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Это сообщество посвящено русскому языку как иностранному. Здесь можно будет найти информацию о сложных аспектах языка, выполнять упражнения, принимать участие в играх и дискуссиях, чтобы совершенствовать свой русский.
Языки сообщества - русский и английский.
Если Вы присоединитесь к сообществу, нам было бы интересно узнать, что Вы думаете о России.

Social capital

  • less than 10