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Intercultural communication

To begin with, in order to make us understand each other better, let's do the following survey.

Please write the first things that come to your mind when you see the following words. Don't think, just write down your free associations.

1. Russia
2. The Russians
3. Modern life in Russia
4. Russian economics
5. Russian nature
6. Russian culture

Please write also where you come from and your age.

If you want to write it anonymously, please send an e-mail to li.vlade at gmail.com.
You'd better first comment and then read the others' answers.

The answers:

Russia: big (big country) (2).
The Russians: companionable (1), patience (1).
Modern life in Russia: don't know (1), caos (1).
Russian economics: rising (1), young (1).
Russian nature: taiga (1), wild (1).
Russian culture: Tchaikovsky (1), melancholic (1).
Tags: intercultural communication
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